Five Best Places to Buy a Condo in Oakville

Are you thinking of owning a home in Oakville? The responsibility of buying a condominium requires more than acquiring it. The location, facilities, and budget of a condo determine whether you want to consider the property or not. If you have difficulty handling repairs, ongoing maintenance, snow removal, or lawn care, you can go for Oakville condos for sale.

The real estate business in Oakville is booming with several condominiums for sale downtown. The town spoils buyers for choice because of its numerous offerings on the market. Oakville is a beautiful town with excellent schools, beautiful homes, lots of charm, and a peaceful family lifestyle.

Investors are moving to Oakville because of the increasing prices of properties across Mississauga. While Oakville is not considered cheap in terms of properties, it has affordable quality pockets anyone can buy. Here is a list of some of the best places to buy a condo in Oakville:

1.   Southwest Oakville

The prices of condos are from moderate to expensive. Southwest Oakville is a huge part of the town that is situated along the lake. Most of the houses were built in the late 50s, with fewer pockets that are close to the 3rd line. The older homes are smaller than what we have today but have respectable sizes. Many of these houses have been demolished or renovated to create a way for customized homes. However, some modern amenities such as green spaces and integrated pathways are missing here. Are you searching for South Oakville condos for sale? We have numerous condos that can fit your personality in different parts of the town.

2.   Olde Oakville (Downtown)

Most investors love the prestige, style, and charm that Olde Oakville exudes. The home prices in this town are very high. The location is close to a lake and the custom build homes possess a touch of the past with quiet streets and no sidewalks. The Lakeshore Village boutique shopping is accessible from different parts of the town. It has schools, amenities, and excellent parks for every resident.

3.   Glen Abbey

Glen Abbey is a stylish suburban, boasting the legendary Glen Abbey Golf Course. The area was built for the upper-class executives in the 80’s and 90’s. The grand impression of Glen Abbey is what makes the property high in price. However, not all the areas have handled their appeal high. You should take time in picking Glen Abbey condos for sale.

4.   Downtown Oakville

The Randall Residences comes with sophistication in its properties, situated in Downtown Oakville. Are you thinking of owning a luxury condominium in Oakville? This award-winning area comes with a breathtaking rooftop terrace, Parisian-inspired architecture, and a restaurant on the main floor.

5.   Morrison

Morrison is like an old wine that gets better every year. The cost of properties ranges from high to extremely high. The ancient area illuminates charm and prestige. Morrison comes with mature trees, 4-bed homes, 2 storeys, and elegant homes nestled away from the streets.

Now, that you know the best places to buy a condo in Oakville, you can make the decision easily.

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