Why do I believe Slavic are the world best programmers overall?

Computer programmers

Let me first of all name some great software made by them.

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush
  3. Awario

Let’s talk about Ahrefs from a quality viewpoint does it break or make mistakes all the time? No compare it to the America guy Gates he breaks software all the time such as Skype used to be amazing before his company wreaked it plus he wreaked Dreamweaver and Adobe so everything his business touches gets worse overall.

The software made by comrade Dmitry Gerasimenko who has overall done a fantastic job allowing many SEO’s or non SEO’s get a tool which can allow us to learn so much fast such as backlink data or keyword data or how to do onpage SEO audit faster overall which would normally take a lot of time or effort to understand how to do it especially for newer SEO’s overall. Lifeofcoding

Semrush is overall a cool SEO program allowing us to learn so much about our own website or clients or competitors alike it works on a different way to how Ahrefs work to allow us to do keyword research because of that it can sometimes find keywords which it’s main competitors can’t do some of the time and it is upgraded very often which is both impressive to see in action which is why it should be a credited the work of all the people at this company to me is good way to be overall. The onpage SEO check they do is overall very good maybe even better than Ahrefs in my thoughts allowing you to be able to do a detailed audit at a fast rate without you having to have a master degree in SEO or programming to be able to get many big things done overall. https://www.bestseocompaniesin.co.uk/

Awario allows you to do brand reputation which means we could improve the brand image for example if someone says your chairperson is an idiot or something else we can find out what’s being said and reply back in a logical way to improve that person rep online allowing us to possibly turn a hater into a friend alike allowing us to grow the sales of the business more easy overall since it scans a lot of the indexed internet meaning it will probably find it on Social media or websites in general with anyone complaining about your company fairly easy without you doing much work to find it since it runs semi-automatic for you .

Many people can get lazy or distracted by life issues or problems at the software firm but for many of these company in Easter Europe it does not seem to distract them as much as I notice in many other countries in the world meaning you will not find them sitting in corner doing nothing or playing say a videogame or watching a TV show instead of doing the actual work needed done to allow the firm to keep making improvements to how the program work or function overall.

Let’s say I notice a problem or something I think is good idea they will often make it happen which is good way to operate any sort of organization since it allows both the company and customers or users to get a ever growing good experiences which then can allow the firm to keep making more money since you listen to what they say instead of not caring about anyone except for the person in charge which is a problem I see in many firms outside of the Slavic country area overall in my final thoughts here.

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