Code n Kids Online Coding Summer Camps: Preparing your children for tomorrow

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Summer’s here in full swing and right now is the perfect time for you to give your kids a head start for their future.

Coding is the future because kids who learn from a very young age on how to write computer programs, make robots to do exciting stuff, make their own apps that can help the people around them are the ones who’ll have the most exciting careers ahead.

Our online coding for kids Toronto provide fun, engaging and interactive programs for kids in Canada to learn the latest and most sought-after languages such as Minecraft, Scratch, Python and some new ones but highly popular such as Bubble.

Ages of 5 to 18 years can join our online coding camps where they’ll get to learn these programs with our highly skilled instructor’s right in the comfort of your home and under your supervision. You can simply select the program that suits your child best and get started.

Right now, there are a few proficient coders around the world who can do coding wizardry and come up with creative solutions and Canada needs a surplus of coding professionals who have been trained to apply their creativity to the evolving problems around us.

When kids code they learn how apps work, they learn what makes robots move and perform actions, they learn how to make their own games and what lines of instructions are needed to make a computer perform for them.

Let’s face it. School can be boring which makes you not wanting to learn as much. But coding camps allow your kids to be free, curious and remain engaged about what they’ll get to make or learn in every session.

They make new friends and learn to communicate with each other. No idea is too insane and no code too difficult to understand when you’re having fun while learning and building games, apps, robots, softwares, cards, 3D models which can help in solving problems within their communities, cities or for just about anyone.

Machine learning and AI will shape future careers and kids are who fluent in programming languages like Python, Scratch, Bubble, who know sequencing will inevitably be able to address real world problems and come up with flexible and innovative solutions.

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