JLCPCB & EasyEDA Finally Show Up Together

Design & Order on EasyEDA to Get $10 Voucher!

The Cheapest PCB prototype supplier and the first FREE online EDA tool showing up together is actually not “new” news for many fans of JLCPCB or EasyEDA, but today I would like to give a brief introduction to those who do not know us. JLCPCB & EasyEDA, two companies that sounds irrelevant, but belong to the same group named JLC group.

Only $2, you can get 5 pcs PCB boards in JLCPCB

Make the PCB prototype much Easier and Cheaper

JLCPCB is reputed as one of the most popular and powerful PCB Suppliers in China. Situated at the silicon of Shenzhen, China, JLCPCB has been in the PCB manufacturing and assembly industry for over 15 years, with assembly technologies of the highest quality standards, fastest delivery turnaround (as fast as 24hours), lowest manufacturer direct prices, and support via dedicated customer service. JLCPCB provides Free online price calculator, which shows the PCB price automatically and transparently. And the Gerber Viewer gives all of the details of PCB design, helping much customers avoid the potential fault during manufacture.

EasyEDA, An Easier & Powerful Online PCB Design Tool

Make the Free EDA Tool into Reality

EasyEDA is a free, zero-install, Web and cloud-based EDA tool suite that integrates powerful schematic capture, hybrid mode circuit emulation, and PCB layout in a seamless cross-platform browser environment for electronics engineers, educators, students, and hobbyists.

As a totally free online EDA tool, EasyEDA has more than one million real-time updated components created on its parts library and users can create or import their own common libraries. And Benefit from China’s leading electronic components distributor – LCSC.

EasyEDA supports direct links to more than 200,000 real-time, in-stock components at LCSC. Designers can refer to stocks, prices, and order at any time during design.

The Combination of JLCPCB & EasyEDA

Makes the PCB & SMT Manufacture Easier

As far as we know, PCB prototype is an essential part of the development of any electronics product, while the efficient EDA tool ensures reliable design. So together with JLCPCB, the qualify PCB supplier and EasyEDA, it makes the whole process from design to manufacture much more efficient than ever before.

From EasyEDA to JLCPCB, there is no need to generate the Gerber file into the manufacture system in JLCPCB. There is an interface where you can get your design directly manufactured through this button. There are few tips for how to place PCB or SMT orders directly from EasyEDA.

1. When you get PCB Design in EasyEDA: Use parts in JLCPCB Assembled library to design PCB, make better decisions with real-time visibility into parts availability and pricing. Confirm parts selection with confidence.

2. One click to order at JLCPCB. Once you finish your PCB design, click “Generate PCB Fabrication File(Gerber)” to preview your board, then order your design at JLCPCB with one click, and the Gerber files will be automatically uploaded on JLCPCB. Get $10 Voucher Now!

3. Simply generate the BOM and Pick&place files from EasyEDA, and upload them directly into our platform. Our system is compatible with EasyEDA formats.

4. Parts Confirmation: Since you have used parts from JLCPCB library, our system identifies all parts you need directly from the BOM and all parts can be confirmed automatically.

5. Quote & Order: Review the parts placement and check the component orientation to know how we will assemble your board and see the instant price for SMT assembly service.

6. Order Delivering: Track the production process in real-time, and receive professionally assembled PCBs in One Week.

The Joint Activity of JLCPCB&EasyEDA is in Process

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