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When you are looking for demolition companies Vancouver, you should choose with a lot of caution. Demolition is an activity that can be done properly and safely by experienced demolition contractors only. Usually, buildings get demolished to give room to new structures or to redesign the old structures. If you thought that a demolition contractor company would come with his team and bring down the building in a few minutes, as soon as it gets your request, you are mistaken.

The activity of demolition undergoes a lot of processes, which we have broadly classified under the following headings:

  • Detailed surveying of the building and  the areas around it
  • Planning for the removal of the hazardous or toxic materials from the demolition site
  • Creating a plan for demolishing a structure safely and efficiently
  • Planning for the safety measures to be employed during demolition

Most of the professional demolition contractors Vancouver carry out these four processes before they decide to demolish a building. Here is a brief overview of the steps carried out in these processes to give you a better understanding of the demolition activity.

Detailed surveying

In this process, demolition company Vancouver conducts a detailed survey on the building and its structure to understand how it needs to be demolished effectively. Some of the factors that are taken into consideration in this process are:

  • Usage of the building before and after demolition
  • Amount of hazardous, flammable, explosive and other toxic materials that could be present in the building
  • Materials used for originally constructing the building
  • Presence of shared structures if any, like interconnected staircases, walls and more
  • Quality of the neighborhood to decide on the type of demolition
  • Survey of underground tanks, sewage and drainage systems and other structural elements

Planning of removal of hazardous materials

Sometimes, buildings may contain radioactive, explosive, flammable, hazardous and toxic materials. Therefore, demolition contractors need to plan for it properly, so that they dispose of these materials in an eco-friendly and hygienic way. Some of the radioactive metals may cause a lot of damage if they are not demolished and disposed of safely. Hence, after a thorough survey, the demolition contractors bring specialized tools and an expert team to demolish the structure properly.

Safety measure to be employed during demolition

Professional companies Vancouver always plan in advance to take care of the safety measures to be employed while demolishing a structure. The team gets prior information about the safety gear and knowledge that they have to follow while demolishing a particular structure. Flammable materials such as wood should be stored in the right locations, so that major fire accidents can be avoided. Also, the workers are well aware of the medical and first-aid facilities that they need to treat themselves to, in the case of any unfortunate accidents.

Another essential factor that you have to know is that demolition can be carried out with or without explosives. If explosives are used, the process of demolition is known as implosion. was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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