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Squirrels are cute animals, but they can cause a lot of damage once they infest your homes and yards. Apart from spoiling food items and damaging wood materials, squirrels can also cause major accidents, as they have the habit of chewing electrical wires. It is important to spot squirrel infestations in the early stages, because they can create a lot of damage to your property, wooden furniture, carpets, attics, plants, food and a lot more. Look for Vancouver pest control to manage any squirrel infestations.

Squirrels love to dwell in places of thick vegetation. So, if you have kept plants very close to each other in gardens, you can expect squirrels to reside in the dark places between the plants, and create havoc. Sometimes, when you leave food and water in the open for birds, squirrels get attracted to that as well. So, ensure that you keep food and water away in a place that squirrels cannot access easily or contact pest control Vancouver if the squirrels become problematic.

What are some of the damages that you experience because of squirrel infestations?

Damage to the trees

If you have nut or fruit trees in your garden, you would have already noticed squirrel infestations in them. These animals, apart from eating the fruits, also chew on the bark of the trees, thereby causing them a lot of damage.

Damage to the plants

Squirrels usually bury the fruits, nuts and seeds in the lawns of your garden. They keep making holes, which spoils the overall visual appeal of your place. Also, it can uproot the young plants easily, while eating the flowers of other plants.

Damage to your homes

Squirrels have this annoying gnawing habit. They can chew on anything – from wooden particles, carpets, furniture to electrical wires! They reproduce quickly; therefore, if they are not spotted early, they can cause a lot of damage.

Disease carriers

Did you know that squirrels carry a lot of diseases with them? According to experts, squirrels transmit diseases like ringworm, typhus, plague and tularemia to humans. All of these diseases are deadly and life-threatening.

Getting rid of squirrels naturally

Bright-color and strong-odor flower plants

Squirrels love to chew on plants, leaves and flowers. However, they stay away from flowers that are too bright in color and have strong odors. Examples of such flowers are daffodils, hyacinth, galanthus, lily of the valley and so on. You can plant these flower plants along your gardens to keep squirrels away.

Sprays with strong odors

Squirrels hate anything that have strong odors. You can use simple homemade pepper, garlic or peppermint sprays to keep these pests away forever. Apply these sprays on your plants and in the dark corners of your homes as well. Keep reapplying as and when needed. Squirrels will keep away from your homes and gardens because of these strong odors.

Choose feeders that are safe from squirrels

If you want to feed the birds that come to your gardens, don’t use the normal bird-feeders. These can be accessed by squirrels easily. Therefore, opt for specific squirrel-proof feeders to keep your gardens and homes free from squirrel infestations.

Use proper deterrents

According to experts, squirrels get scared when they smell the urine of predators in your garden or homes. Today, there are quite a few deterrents in the market that mimic the smell of the urine of red fox and coyote. These work very well to keep squirrels at bay. So, use the right deterrents to keep these pests away naturally. was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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