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A civil construction company plays a vital role in the end-to-end services involved in setting up a building or a structure. Demolition and bulk excavation are some of the common services that may come to your mind when you think about a civil engineering service provider. However, there is one more service that these companies provide, which is equally or more important than the usual services that you know of. That service is known as soil remediation Vancouver. If you are wondering what this service is all about, we will give you a brief about the same in this article, and also let you know some of the activities that soil removal Vancouver companies do as part of this service.

What is soil remediation?

As the name suggests, soil remediation is the process in which the contaminated soil is given remedial treatment to make it fit enough to construct a new building or structure. Sometimes, after a demolition project, the toxic and hazardous waste particles may have settled on the soil, making it dangerous to work on. So, as part of its soil remediation service, a civil construction company offers to do the following:

  • Clean up the contaminated soil
  • Dispose of the toxic elements carefully
  • Mitigate the damage caused by these elements
  • Safeguard the environment and the nearby structures by making use of effective soil treatment methods
  • Removal of underground tanks

Advanced tools and processes

Since it involves treating the soil in great detail, companies use advanced tools and techniques to remove the soil’s contaminants, so that there is no damage at all to anyone or anything around the building. You should choose a company that is well-experienced in handling soil-remediation services. This is because if the companies don’t follow the proper chemical processes using the right tools, it can cause a lot of pollution and contamination in the surrounding areas.

What does soil remediation broadly refer to

In the fields of civil engineering and waste management, soil remediation refers to the process of cleaning up the soil that has been affected due to environmental damages.  The common areas that are prone to contamination and need treatment are groundwater, soil, sediments and surface water.  The soil and water from these sources are treated to get rid of the contaminants and the effects of the toxic elements.

Common remediation services that you can expect

Groundwater remediation services – This is one of the most common services provided by a civil construction company. Usually, groundwater gets contaminated because of the harmful elements from oil spillage, industrial waste and more. In these cases, a civil construction company uses chemical injections and biological defense elements to treat the groundwater. This method is same for cleaning surface water remediation as well.

Soil remediation – Soil gets contaminated because of the harmful fertilizers that people use for crops and plants. Sometimes, polluted water from different water bodies gets into the soil, making it dirty. So, advanced thermal and chemical methods like soil flushing, soil washing, chemical oxidation, bioremediation and soil vapor extraction methods are used to treat the contaminated soil and make it fit to build new structures or buildings. was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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