Best Canada residential proxies for data scraping and collection

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Canada residential proxies

What are Canada residential proxies for data scraping and collection?

Canada Residential proxies are the best solution for data scraping and collection on Canadian websites. Canada proxies are a type of proxy server that share an IP address with other users. This means that when you use residential proxies, your IP address is not exposed and your identity remains hidden.

Canada Residential proxy servers are perfect for performing tasks such as data scraping or collecting information from websites because they can be used to bypass content filters that many companies use to block access to certain websites or services.

What do residential proxies do?

Residential proxies allow you to choose a specific location (country, city, or mobile carrier) from which to surf the web. Proxies act as middlemen between your computer and the Internet, concealing your IP address while protecting your identity and general web traffic.

What are the 10 best Canada residential proxies?

Top 10 best Canada residential proxies:

1)    ProxyEmpire, the best quality of Canada proxies:

Canada residential proxies

ProxyEmpire offers more than 5.3 million rotating residential proxies that can be filtered and targeted to specific geographic locations, ISPs, or cities. Each residential proxy plan comes complete with VIP integration support to help you get started in minutes. ProxyEmpire supports use cases other proxy partners simply do not, including static residential proxies—also known as ISP proxies—which allow you to keep using the same IP address for a month or longer.

List of the different cities where you can use ProxyEmpire in Canada:

























-Richmond Hill


-Greater Sudbury









-And more!

2) Bright Data

Canada residential proxies

Bright Data’s proxy network consists of over 72 million residential IPs. They also offer data center and mobile proxies. And their API is available in all common coding languages, with pre-configured examples and your account settings available to you.

3) GeoSurf

Canada residential proxies

GeoSurf offers unlimited IP addresses. GeoSurf proxies are used for social media management, ad verification, and sneaker copping. They have Firefox and Chrome extensions, so you can access the VPN with ease.

4) Smartproxy

Canada residential proxies

Smartproxy is a residential proxy provider that offers a rich set of features with excellent performance. You can start using Smartproxy by logging into your control panel, which is available on every plan.

5) OxyLabs

Canada residential proxies

Oxylabs is like BrightData in that it offers a vast pool of proxies, data-center, and residential IPs for your project. Unlike BrightData, Oxylabs has a web crawler built into its service. It provides you with good-performance private IPs in 195 countries, with anonymous proxies from all over the globe to avoid IP blocking. They also offer dedicated account managers for each user; however, this does not mean that one person is saved only for your account—all users have access to the same account manager(s). Oxylabs surpasses Brightdata with the level of anonymity it offers; it has fewer blockings on some websites than BrightData.

6) LimeProxies

Canada residential proxies

LimeProxies is a well-known proxy provider with a wide range of proxy choices. LimeProxies offers fast, dedicated proxy servers that work with HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS protocols and have a dedicated control panel. Up to 25 IP addresses can be refreshed at the same time. Also, dynamic IPs are supported by proxies. You can test a proxy for free for 2 days before buying any package.

7) Infatica

Canada residential proxies

Infatica is a proxy provider that offers a huge pool of IPs, targeting several countries but focusing mainly on European nations. Their SOCKS5 protocol supports HTTP(S) traffic, and their response time is 1.88 seconds for 50 requests.

8) Apify

Canada residential proxies

Although Apify may not have the largest number of proxies as other service providers, its reliability and performance make it a quality proxy scraper. Its next-gen residential proxies provide a universal HTTP proxy to hide the origin of your web scrapers, using both data center and residential IP addresses. The data center IPs are fast and cheap, but they can get blocked by target websites while the residential IPs it offers are not as cheaper but can get the job done without getting blocked. The IP addresses in the pool are smartly rotated to avoid detection. In addition to offering standalone web scrapers, Apify also provides a web scraper with specialized data storage to manage web scraping jobs, save their results and export them to formats like CSV, Excel, or JSON.

9) Smartproxy

Canada residential proxies

Smartproxy has 40 million residential proxies. The proxies are located in over 10,000 cities worldwide and can be rotated daily. In addition, they offer sticky sessions and random residential IP proxy pools for your security. They also have automatic rotating software and unlimited connections and threads. They charge by the amount of data transferred each month.

10) Intoli

Canada residential proxies

Intoli proxy service allows you to perform web scraping at high volumes while avoiding detection, blockage, or detection. It employs cutting-edge machine learning techniques to automatically route your requests through IP addresses that are the least likely to be blocked.

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