The best smart door lock. And reader.

These are serious and real door locks that work without a physical key. They can be opened by a code, a fingerprint, and an application on a smartphone. It’s comfortable. Children, family members, couriers, nannies, tutors, friends, workers – no need to make extra keys for everyone or spend time handing over a single spare bundle. Add the right person to the application or come up with a code for him. Sesame will open.

The workers have finished the renovation, the child no longer needs a nanny? Delete unnecessary profiles, and change the code. Unlike the physical one, you are in control of the digital key at all times. If the unscrupulous worker does not have a duplicate key left, then the locks do not need to be changed.

Here is our top of the best wireless readers and locks:



UKEY keyless entry system from BAS-IP is a universal technology for gaining access to a room or facility with the ability to use in one reader at the same time: Em-Marine and MIFARE cards / MIFARE Plus / MIFARE Classic encrypted cards and a mobile phone (Bluetooth and NFC).

UKEY has the following advantages:

  • the ability to use several identification standards simultaneously: Em-Marin, MIFARE, Bluetooth and NFC;
  • the ability to use a mobile phone as an identifier;
  • adjustable range of operation of the mobile identifier (when using Bluetooth);
  • low power consumption;
  • special encryption algorithm for mobile IDs and MIFARE Plus cards;
  • possibility of application on any type of object;
  • the ability to install UKEY mobile access in previously purchased call panels;
  • convenience for the user.

For the comfortable work of users with BAS-IP outdoor panels equipped with multi-format readers, BAS-IP has released a new UKEY mobile application, which, after receiving a mobile ID, is used to open doors/gates/barriers.

For each outdoor panel equipped with a reader module supporting UKEY mobile access, a different range of operation of the mobile ID can be configured, in the range from 2 centimeters to 10 meters. The response distance depends not only on the selected mode but also on the thickness of the walls in the room, weather conditions (when the panel is placed outdoors), and other factors.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock: smart door lock with biometrics

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock

This set includes a lock and a pair of door handles with a long base. Mijia Smart Door Lock supports six opening methods:

  • by fingerprint;
  • permanent code;
  • time code;
  • through the application via NFC;
  • through the application via Bluetooth;
  • mechanical key.

Yes, many smart door locks can be opened with a spare physical key, including the Mijia Smart Door Lock. It has a mechanical part with a cylinder (class C) and a key, which is needed in case of failures of other systems. The keyhole is covered with a round plug. The design is solid: in theory, if an intruder destroys the front panel, he will still have to contend with the mechanism inside the door.

The Mijia Smart Door Lock case is black, with a simple design. The outer half has a glass LED display for entering the code. The device is protected from electromagnetic interference so that the smart guy with the Tesla coil does not break it. Seven security sensors are built inside:

  • key presence sensor;
  • oblique tongue position sensors;
  • sensor of position of a rectangular uvula;
  • angular tongue position sensor;
  • locking tongue position sensor;
  • front panel opening sensor;
  • pressure sensor on the handle.

Sensors monitor the state of the lock and send notifications of suspicious situations. To do this, you need to connect the lock to the Mihome smart home via a Bluetooth gateway. This additional step, among other things, gives access to interesting automation. Let’s say opening the door turns on the light in the apartment. Great, just like in the movies about the future!

On the axis of the handle is a fingerprint scanner that can distinguish real prints from “non-living”. In practice, the scanner sees even wet fingers.

Mijia Smart Door Lock has limitations. The gadget cannot be installed on forged and glass burglar-resistant doors. Plus, it needs enough space: the footprint is 365.6 x 75.6 millimeters. Before buying, you need to check that the smart lock will definitely fit.

The lock is powered by eight AA batteries. In standby mode, the charge will last for 15 months. The application warns in time when they need to be replaced. In case the inevitable happened and you forgot to change the batteries, the lock can be powered from the outside from the power bank via the microUSB input and open the door.

You can purchase all the smart locks described in the article on the Internet. Stop living in the past: it’s not safe there, just uncomfortable.

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