How To Get More Clients by Partnering with An Illustration Agency?

Are you looking for ways to get more clients? Whether you are a beginner or an expert, an illustration agency is the way to go. Top illustration agencies like Advocate Art will reach more clients than you can as an individual. However, how do illustration agencies do this? They take all the worries that may involve negotiating contracts hence saving time for you. 

On paper, it may seem evident that collaborating with an illustration agent will get you more clients, but that is not true. Your agent will do the best to ensure more clients know about your work, but sometimes it may take time. That is why working with your agent will boost or take your career to the next level. When getting an agent, ensure you do the following to raise your stakes of getting more business. 

1. Ensure you get an established agency

Big firms usually have an extensive network of clients behind them. When you want to reach more clients, you will look for a partnership with big agencies. An established agency means they know what they are doing and have a significant load of experience that attracts clients on your behalf. It can as well advise you if you are a novice and give relevant knowledge to your work.

Moreover, being established means they have a great pool of expertise that can help you. Consequently, quality artwork will attract more clients.

2. Ensure you get a trusted agency

Clients will work with an agency that they trust and is reliable to them. If an agency has a lousy reputation, clients will tend to move away. Therefore, research what agency to partner with for your illustration work as you need to get an agency that clients will trust.

Getting an agent who isn’t trusted will lead to clients moving away from your work, thus fewer sales.  

3. Ask for tips from your agent.

Most agents know what clients need and regularly keep in touch with the clients. If you want to grow, ensure you talk openly about the process and ask for tips. Before partnering with an agency, ensure they know exactly what you are doing. Some agents will just run to get your money, and when they market your work, they can hardly explain it. Thus, clients will doubt the quality and shun away from your work.

4. Develop a healthy agent relationship

Before anything else, ensure that you cultivate a good working relationship with your agent. Honesty, transparency and respect will keep the ball rolling in the right direction. Agents need to have the right information and know your products inside out to help explain the product better to your potential clients. 

Being honest from the start of the journey when you let the agent know your budget and the intended purpose is the best. An agent with whom you get along well will not be afraid to give negative feedback from clients and talk about how you can improve.

5. Be creative

Every agent will be encouraged to promote products that are one-of-a-kind. In their portfolios, agents will obviously use artistry with an excellent design. Usually, illustration agents deal with a large number of artists at once. Your artwork may resemble that of another illustrator. Putting in some extra creativity and a fine touch on your illustration will differentiate your product from others, giving it a competitive edge.

Also, remember to ask for reviews about the product from your agent to ensure it is excellent as they will tend to market the greatest products they get from you.

6. Be open-minded

Don’t limit yourself from changing your style throughout the creative journey. Your agent may have dealt with a variety of artists and is familiar with their specific requirements. A client’s taste and preference may vary over time, so be flexible and willing to adapt to the new style.

Be open to learning at any time to remain competitive with your design. Besides, work hand in hand with your agent as they may add you extra knowledge that may positively influence your artwork. Taking time to discuss your styles and techniques with your agent will leave you with an extra tip to consider in your designs and illustrations.

7. Work on your budget

Agencies vary with the services they offer and how an illustrator pays them. It might sound obvious that an expensive agent will get you more clients; but this is not always true. When joining an agency, let them know what you are willing to pay for their services. Avoid a scenario where you might end up hurting your pocket when trying to yield to your agent payment demands. 

Be open and get the agents who will tailor the services to your budget. When you approach an agent, be sure to play your part in coming up with great designs and illustrations and leave the rest to the marketing agent. Research as much as you can to have a clear picture of the services you will be getting.

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