Aluminum PCB Manufacture

JLCPCB manufactures aluminum printed circuit boards (PCB) with a full selection of high performance and low-cost materials, and the aluminum PCB prototype in JLCPCB only start from $2.

Before we are talking about the aluminum PCB, we have to figure out what is PCB and how or what it consist of and What is the difference between aluminum PCB and standard PCB?

A PCB generally consists of three layers. A conductive copper layer at the top, a dielectric layer in between, and a layer of a substrate at the bottom. Standard PCBs have a substrate layer made of fiberglass, ceramic, polymers, or any other non-metal core. An ample amount of PCBs uses FR-4 as the substrate.

And the main difference between Aluminum PCB and standard PCB is that Aluminum PCBs use an Aluminum substrate Instead of standard FR-4 as the substrate material.

JLCPCB Aluminum PCB Capability

JLCPCB increase the overall performance of the aluminum PCB boards with competitive price, 5 pcs 50mm x 50mm Aluminum boards only charge $2. It dissipates heat in a highly efficient manner. For high power and tight tolerance based applications Aluminum Backed PCB is the perfect choice among project makers.

Aluminum PCB Applications

You can improve the durability and performance of your product by using aluminum boards. Simple designs and low thermal impedance of the dielectric out performs all other printed circuit board insulators for power and high-operating temperature components. The relatively low cost versus copper and the ability to have a lightweight material with excellent durability are the biggest reasons aluminum is used for these applications.

Below are some examples of applications using aluminum backed PCBs.

LED Circuit Boards

Using aluminum with your LEB PCB ensures the lowest possible operating temperatures and maximum brightness, color, and life. With many low-cost options for dielectric materials and specific manufacturing equipment dedicated to single sided production of LED lighting products, we can give our customers the best overall solution.

Power Conversion

Aluminum clad offers a variety of thermal performances, is compatible with mechanical fasteners, and is highly reliable.

Motor Drives

Thermal clad dielectric choices provide the electrical isolation needed to meet operating parameters and safety agency test requirements.

Solid State Relays

Aluminum offers a very thermally efficient and mechanically robust substrate to drive heat away from the critical system components.

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