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“Tartan design acquired a national significance not only in Scotland but universally, it’s made up of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands or threads of colors whose variations are symbolic of the various different clans that have historically made up for the Scottish people”.

How do you define Tartan?

Tartan is connected to Scottish culture. It’s an unwoven fabric that is made from dyed threads that form alternating stripes that are a part of many plaid patterns The more colors and stripes used the more soft and blurred the tartan pattern appears.

What exactly is Plaid Fabric?

A single of the sought-after designs for Kilts This fabric has strips or colors which intersect to create squares. Plaids are a popular pattern dating back to the 1500’s, and are now available in a myriad of tartan designs that range from gingham and argyle up to window panes and madras. Plaid Tartan Fabric remains an extremely well-loved fabric, particularly for plaid suits and kilts.

Each design represents various Scottish Clans and is found in the clan’s Tartan Kilts. They are most popular during the winter and fall seasons because its fabric is an easy, yet stunning option to add color and attraction to our décor clothing, clothes, and so on. It’s a versatile fabric that is great to sew designs such as quilting and quilting.

Why are there different weights of Tartan Fabrics?

Heavy Weight

Tartan, a traditional kilt is the most sought-after for Medium weight, however most traditional kilts come in Heavy weight. When you wear heavier fabrics, you get better durability, durability and swing, however, it’s not a light clothing. The heavier fabric is the ideal fabric to make traditional kilts and bagpipes and other items of fashion.

Medium Weight

Medium weight offers a nice balance between warmth, crease retention and durability, as well as swing and comfort of use. Medium-weight fabrics are also used to kilt items for soft furniture, curtains and cushions as well as covers.

Leicht Weight

If you reside in a hot climate it is possible to choose an Light Weight fabric, this is more comfortable to wear but will likely require more frequent pressing of the creasing in the back, and might not move as smoothly when you move. Tartan Skirts are constructed from a lightweight fabric.

Different Shades Of Tartan Fabric

Additionally, all the shades of tartan are able to be changed to create different variations of the identical tartan. This variations of tartan Pattern variants are referred to as:

  • Ancient
  • Modern
  • Weathered
  • Hunting
  • Dress

Tartan is firmly in popularity and is well-known nowadays. With thousands of top-quality tartan designs as well as accessories for tartan available to pick from. Each is fully customizable and printed with environmentally friendly inks. I’m certain you’ll discover a design you love and create your own favorite thing out of it.

Quality and quantity!

A high-quality tartan fabric is typically woven using 100% fresh Acrylic wool. If you’re not making an appearance, it’s no surprise that tartan fabrics are highly sought-after.

List of the Most Popular and Famous Tartans

You can pick a range of colors from our range of tartan fabric.

Royal Stewart Tartan

Stewart tartan is worn by any person and is also the tartan of the queen’s current reign. Other people wearing this Royal Stewart Tartan that was originally made for Queen Victoria are those from the Scots Guard and the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The Tartan is also worn by clans as well as at festivals for bands.

Tartan Black Watch

The regiment was formed in the context of Childers Reforms in 1881, in which the 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot (The Black Watch) was amalgamated with the 73rd Regiment of Foot to create two battalions in the new Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). The 42nd was then the 1st Battalion, while the 73rd was renamed the second Battalion. The Black Watch battalion started wearing the tartan as early as the 17th century, this means that Black Watch tartan is now been worn by Scottish soldiers for more than 300 years! Similar to it’s cousin, the Royal Stewart tartan, Black Watch was not originally intended allowed to be worn by any other person aside from soldiers however the rules have changed over recent times.

MacLeod and Lewis Tartan

Clan MacLeod of The Lewes is commonly referred to by the name Clan MacLeod of Lewis. The Macleods of Lewis were in Gaelic MacLeod, the Macleods were the clan of Lewis were identified as Siol Thorcaill. It is believed that the MacLeod of Lewis Tartan (or MacLeod Dress) is well recognized as Loud MacLeod. It is one of the most easily recognized in Scottish tartans.The MacLeods can be found on the Isle of Skye and all across all of the Inner & Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland as well as on the western part of Scotland. However, the MacLeod of Lewis tartan has transcended its beginnings and is now widely recognized to be one of the most bold designs of fabric around the globe.

Lindsay Tartan

Lindsay Tartan Lindsay Tartan is another one that has been commercially successful due to its elegant design and a pliable style. This tartan’s design enhances your outfit and elegant. You can now take pleasure in your kilt. The Lindsay tartan is a favorite in many hearts.

Dress Stewart tartan

The dress Stewart Tartan, you’ll be able to look stylish for every formal and informal gathering alike. This tartan has an off white, creamy shade that covers the majority of the pattern. There is just the right amount of dark red to be found throughout. The red is surrounded by small yellow lines that add a little zing. The dress of Stewart is currently so widely employed in commercial production that a small percentage of wearers may even consider its historical ties to the Stewart family.

Ramsay Tartan

Clan Ramsay badge is Blue Harebell it is one of the most well-known of the tartans associated with the surname. Ramsay is inspired by one called Ramsey within the Vestiarium Scoticum which was published in 1842. Although it is true that the Vestiarium has been proved to be a fake from the Victorian period, the majority of clan tartans stem from it. The Ramsays are a family that is that is of Anglo-Norman ancestry. It was documented within Scotland in 1124 by Simon de Ramsay, who was a traveler along with the Earl of Huntingdon in 1124.

RAMSAY TARTAN has a light hue blue, a casual shade that is accentuated by black and dark grey lines that run horizontally and vertically.

Would You Like to Purchase Plaid and Tartan Fabrics?

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