RONA and Montreal Canadiens win the heart of social fans in Quebec.

Rona and Montreal Canadiens Contest

Social fans are loving the Rona contest night scheduled for a 2021/22 Montreal Canadiens home game at the Bell Centre in Montreal, QC.  If you are an avid Instagram user like me, you’ve probably noticed that over the past few days hundreds of people are taking to Instagram in support of this RONA contest, in partnership with the Montreal Canadiens . Maybe this social hype is driven by the desire to put an end to a very difficult Covid year. Or, maybe this massive social interest is an indication of the power of two iconic brands coming together.   Whatever the reason, this event is definitely spilling out of what would otherwise be considered ordinary social excitement.

It’s no news that all major social platforms have become more the norm versus the outlier when it comes to reaching fans. Brands that have figured out ways to scale their social presence are ripping outstanding results. Social platforms are not just destinations to socialize with family and friends. From a brand’s perspective, social platforms are destinations to build an image, be part of social conversations and carefully assess your brand’s social voice. In the case of Rona and Montreal Canadians contest for example, two world-class brands have hit the mark by encouraging social fans to talk about two much loved topics: home and hockey. And the Quebec fans have reacted!  Brand mentions have spiked and fans are enthusiastically sharing event details in Instagram. This goes to show that encouraging social conversation and strategically scaling social engagements have become a fundamental must for all consumer brands.  The warm social support for the RONA contest suggests that consumers are and will engage with the right content displayed in the right channels.  This week RONA and Montreal Canadiens contest won the hearts of social fans in Quebec.

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